How it started

Origami Groep Eindhoven aims to bring origami to the attention of young and old. The group was founded by Chinmay Gore and Jolette Flapper.
The first activity was participation in the Maker Fair 2020 in Eindhoven, where we looked for like-minded people to fold with. Unfortunately, covid hit, so it was not possible to meet live.
As an alternative, we started zoom meetings. Hesitant at first with 13 participants, but that was already so much fun to do that we decided to hold a kind of Christmas activity in December 2020 with an entire afternoon of workshops. To our surprise, this was a success!
There were 5 Workshops by Yara Yagi, Michal Kosmulski, Nick Robinson and Jannie van Schuijlenburg, among others, and we had more than 100 participants.
From then on, these zoom meetings grew and we had every month an origami designer who gave a workshop! We got to meet Pierre Yves Gallard, Ilan Garibi, Paolo Bascetta, Oriol Esteve and many others online.

In December 2021 we organized another Christmas activity, this time a full day with 11 workshops and 476 participants from all over the world!
After a short stop in 2022, we were finally able to realize our original idea: organizing an origami café, where people can join freely. This is a lot of fun to do and everyone who participates is enthusiastic.

In January 2023 we also started zoom meetings again and on September 16, 2023 we organize our first real life mini origami convention!
We also hope to meet you at one of our origami activities……preferably in real life, but also online via our zoom meetings.

Chinmay Gore and Jolette Flapper